Google Extension Plugin Installation Instructions

*   Support Google Kernel Browser Only

1、Install Google Extension Online  (If You Can Access Google Server)
Navigate to the following link:Chrome App Market,Then click the "add to chrome" button to install.

2、Install Google Extension Offline

2.1 Download The Google Extension:Download

2.2 Once downloaded, open the folder where the file is located, find the balidrop-chrome-extensions or ( compressed package, right-click “Open with” and then select “Windows Explorer”

2.3 Go into the folder, and you will see a file named “balidrop-chrome-extensions”.

2.4 Left-click to select the file, and then right-click and select “Copy”.

2.5 Then right-click any blank space in the same folder where is located and select “Paste”; paste the newly copied folder as shown in the image.

2.6 Open Google Chrome. Enter “chrome: // extensions /” in the address bar and go to the new page.

2.7 Select “Developer mode” button on the top right to enable developer mode.

2.8 Then click the “Load unpacked” button in the menu bar as shown below.

2.9 As shown in the image, find where your balidrop-chrome-extensions folder is saved. Select the folder, and then click “select folder”; ** Note: The selected folder is not in .zip format.

2.10 After clicking “select folder”, a label as shown in the image will appear in the upper right corner of Google Chrome, and a message box as shown in the middle of the browser will appear, saying that the Balidrop Google plugin has been installed.

Then click the “Load unpacked” button in the menu bar as shown below.

Look: If you have any other questions, please contact our technicians.。